9 Reasons to Come Up To Whistler

Whistler, BC, Canada. You shouldn’t need a list to tell you why it’s the perfect winter destination, but we made one anyway. Whistler has it all: epic terrain, vibrant nightlife and a genuine atmosphere all its own. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling you only get when you’re surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery BC has to offer and to top it all off, it has world-class shopping and dining. Still not convinced? Here are 9 solid reasons you’ll want to pack your ski gear & head off to Whistler possibly right now.


1. Ola, Maestro El Nino!


Lots have been said and second-guessed about Grand El Nino: panic, hope, fear, we have been flirting with the entire range of emotions. What we certainly know so far is that El Grande El Nino brought Whistler some of the best powder days in the last 7 years: about  469 cm/ over 15 feet dumped on Whistler & Blackcomb Mountain so far this season, with a base of 190 cm.  And that’s pretty epic, isn’t it?


1. The Memorable Apres Ski Scene 

What happens in Whistler, stays in Whistler”

Merlins Apres at the base of Blackcomb
Merlin”s Apres

A close second to actually sending that sick line is talking about sending that sick line while drinking beer. Whistlers Apres scene is that of any true mountain town: bars filled with skiers swapping stories about secret stashes, the best tree lines and maybe a yard sale or two, while deciding whose butt looks best in ski pants. Most bars do happy hour specials so come and enjoy the Apres, in true Whistler fashion! We won’t divulge more here. Come and experience for yourself.


3. The One & Only Scandinave Spa


This place is pure magic and is one of the few in Canada that you can visit! Treat yourself to a Swedish massage, Finnish steam room or any of their luxurious treatments. When your body is feeling the effects of a hard day on the slopes, the Scandinave Spa will heal your body and rejuvenate your spirit. Whether it is a ladies weekend, couples’ retreat or just a personal relaxation day, we see no reason not to go. It’s a MUST.


4. Epic Skiing, Endless terrain 

photo credit: Destination BC/ Blake Jorgenson
photo credit: Destination BC/ Blake Jorgenson

Oh yeah, and then there’s the actual skiing… Whistler is renowned worldwide for its unbeatable terrain and has been voted the #1 ski resort in North America time and time again. Take your pick from alpine bowls, glaciers, groomers, parks and more. Also, seeing as Whistler is the largest ski area in North America with 8000 acres to play in, chances are you’ll have that knee deep all to yourself.

5. Taking Heli-Skiing to the Next Level


Regular skiing not rad enough for you anymore? Well then, may we suggest heli-skiing. Whistler has a number of heli-ski operations that will knock your knee-highwool socks off. Imagine being taken to the top of a mountain in a helicopter and dropping into a wipe open bowl of un-tracked powder, taking face shots on a big mountain spine, or cruising the glades to find that perfect pillow line! We think you’ve earned these turns…


6. The ubiquitous fun loving Aussies 


They surf, they drink their wine out of sacks and they basically run Whistler. Lifties? Aussies. Bartender? Aussie. Guy in lift line drinking from a sack? Aussie. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hanging out with one of these fine folks from down under, we highly recommend it. Head to one of the local bars, look for someone with a sun tan no Canadian could acquire and listen for key words like “mate” and “vegemite”.  Needless to say, the Aussies ladies have a certain charm and beauty. Now that you’ve found yourself an Aussie, your night will get exponentially better. We guarantee it.


7. Hot Tubs


Need we say more? The hot tub is an essential part of ski culture, and it’s hard to find a hotel in Whistler without one. Plus, in a hot tub, you can drink and not have pants on at the same time. Win-win. Take a look at some of the hot-tub-equipped accommodations Whistler has to offer and book your best fit hot tubbed lodging.


8. Fine Cuisine

for “there is no sincerer love than the love of food” as G.B.Shaw used to say.

Bearfoot Bistro

Finally, whether it’s pub grubs or fine dining, Whistler has notoriously good food. With an astounding variety of restaurants to choose from, you’ll be able to satisfy almost any craving. Unless its wine in a sack…You’ll have to ask the Aussies about that one. Irregardless, Whistler is worth a visit just to experience the always delicious cuisine! If you need some guiding through Whistler’s fine dining, check our blog  top 6 Restaurants in Whistler .

If you won’t stay long enough to have the time to discover Whistler’s fine dining secrets, we strongly suggest you go for a Tasting Tour,  which highlights Whistler’s finest cuisine. Guaranteed.


9. The Snow Factory


Still, if you are still worried about El Nino potentially unpredictable behavior, remember Whistler has the largest snow-making fleet in North America. With a staggering 270 guns that doesn’t just mean bragging rights (though they totally have those), it also means they can make snow when Ullr feels like taking a day off. Lots of snow. You never have to worry about coverage with Whistlers dedicated snow-making team working around the clock to make winter even more white.

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