The Brainstorm City-Break

When it’s time to get inspired, it doesn’t hurt to make a change of scenery to really get the ideas flowing. It’s like the metaphor of the log jam on the river, hauling lumber downstream and for whatever reason the fallen trees are clogged up and at an impasse. As it turns out, sometimes the most explosive option is the best route: literally using dynamite to clear the log jam. It’s bold and it’s effective. All of a sudden the logs slide through and the water flows with it, free to go as far as it wants. Ideas are like this, and sometimes we get stalled in the creative process. Call it writer’s block or brain fart or whatever you like, we all can relate. Especially when the pressure’s on to come up with the big idea by a certain date that is rapidly approaching as the sand drains through the hourglass. And oftentimes just getting out of town for a while into an expansive environment will give you that muse, that burst of inspiration, that proverbial dynamite blast to discover your answers

The Enjoy Whistler Brainstorm Midweek City-Break offers you just that experience. By taking advantage of midweek deals, we’ll get you up to Whistler to tap into your best idea generating, all at a great rate. There’s just something special about Whistler that seems to motivate and stimulate neural activity. People come here to get productive, and there’s lots of activity and action to be had, but it’s also a place to chill out and relax. And both of those elements, like the yin/yang, combine as a whole – – a whole lot of awesome thoughts. There’s something too about people and teams having fun to produce better work. When you and your partners or team mates or whatever you want to refer to yourself (maybe even just you) want to tap into your genius, it helps to let loose and not pressure yourself so much. If you’re slaving over a project trying to force something it often just pushes it further away. The trick is to be patient, and coax the idea out. Like subtle foreplay that warms up the inner brilliance. And here among the majestic Coast Mountains and this fairy tale village, everything is working in your favour. Step outside the box and unlock your mind in Whistler. The midweek Brainstorm City-Break is the perfect way to avoid the crowds on the weekends and tap into that open and expansive environment that enables big time thoughts and ideas to flow. And you’ll save up to 50% on your mountain adventure. So what will you do? Here’s a few ideas.

  • Stay somewhere swank, like Pan Pacific Mountainside, since you’re saving moola midweek. This joint is located right beside the gondolas to both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains and it was recently named Canada’s Best Ski Hotel at the 2013 World Ski Awards. It’s at the prime location and it offers some excellent spaces to brainstorm in. There’s one of the best (if not the best) pools in Whistler, with a big deck to chill around in the summer and people watch and chill and soak up the mountain vibes. And the rooms are gorgeous, giving you the first excellent sleep you’ve had in what seems like ages. Getting you mentally and emotionally prepped to come up with the million-dollar concepts.
  • Then ship out on a trek up into the mountains with an ATV tour. There’s something powerfully symbolic about riding a quad up a steep incline full of seemingly impassable obstacles – and just powering right over them. Logs and rocks and puddles can’t stop you from continuing forwards, and the mental challenges and roadblocks along your way to creating that golden idea won’t stop you from reaching your goals. Other great ways to experience the power of crushing your path through the wilderness is via Jeep tour (as one person drives and the rest of the team all experience the same ups and downs as passengers), and mountain biking is another wicked way to get out other on your own manpower and self-reliance. These activities, especially if they’re new experiences for you, will stir it up for you and reframe your potential to approach bigger and badder goals.
  • Then treat yourself to a spa day and ease the good ideas out. Some relaxing energy release will do the body good. Hit up Scandinave Spa for a therapeutic soak in the hot tubs and get a hydrotherapy session to do the body, mind and soul real good.

As you’ve already been imagining, this sample itinerary will be just the thing to get those ideas flowing. With such an abundance of beauty, truth, and vibrancy, you and your team will be connected into the genius and open the floodgates for the brilliance to flow. Then return to the city revitalized and reinvigorated. So come take advantage of the midweek discounted rates and book your Whistler City-Break at up to half off its regular rate. For more information and to book yourself into this mind-expansive package, call our friendly destination experts at 1-888-882-8858.