Top 5 Proposal Ideas In Whistler

Known as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Canada, Whistler is more than just about ski and fun; it can also be an incredible inspiring setting to pop up the question to your special someone. With its breathtaking views, lively spirit, positive energy, countless events & happenings, you can never go wrong with Whistler, no matter what season you plan to propose.  To give you a head start, here are our favorite proposal ideas in Whistler:

1. Proposing to your outdoorsy partner

top 5 Whistler Proposal ideas
photo: Robin O’Neill

With thousands of acres of skiable terrains and hiking trails, Whistler is undoubtedly a perfect spot to pop the question to your outdoor-loving partner.

Summer: Whistler provides endless beautiful hiking trails during summer. You can choose among the day hike to Sea to Sky Waterfalls, Ancient Cedars, Rainbow Lake, Cheakamus Lake, or Wedgemount Lake. A good proposal idea would be to pretend that you tripped in the middle of your trek. When your partner comes cover to help you out, you bring out the ring, kneel in front of her, and pop the question. It’ll definitely be a big surprise. It might sound silly, but it could do the trick.


Winter: it’s easy to choose a spot among the powdery slopes to drop on your knee and pop the question. The best time to do it is after skiing. You can even coordinate with the resort staff so you can have a romantic sunset after-ski proposal.

2. Proposing to your adventure-seeking soulmate


Whistler is known to be a hub for adventure-seekers. Whether it’s ziplining, or bungee jumping, bobsledding, or heliskiing it has almost everything an adrenaline junkie craves for.

Summer: For an extreme proposal, why not invite your significant other for a tandem bungee jump? You jump off together from the platform and then you can pop the question once you get back on your feet on the base. Nothing beats a proposal doubled up by a dose of adrenaline. Whistler Bungee Jump is a thrill-seeker’s dream come true. It’s a worthy lifetime memory, no matter what the answer will be :-).


Winter:  With exciting long ziplines, the Ziptreck Sasquatch tour can be your front to keep your partner from suspecting that you’re up for something. With stunning views even during winter, the adrenaline rush of the longest  zipline in North America can be a great start to pop the question. Go on with the zipline first, wait for her on the other end, and pop the question once she reaches it. It’s an incredible way to end an adrenaline-pumping activity and begin a new chapter in your life.

3. Proposing to your food-loving partner

photo: Mike Crane
photo: Mike Crane

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for fine or casual dining experience. Whistler has multiple places to satisfy your gastronomic cravings. Every bite is an experience you’ll never forget especially with the majestic view of Whistler’s mountains right in front of you. 

Summer: Summer is the perfect time to taste the best local produce of Whistler. The Alta Bistro Restaurant offers modern French cuisine using the fresh and local produce and ingredients. It’s also known for its huge list of award-winning wines. Exquisite dining is also featured by Rimrock Cafe, Araxi, Bearfoot Bistro and so on. With over 150 restaurant featuring casual & fine dining, the dining stage in Whistler is very generous, offering all the imaginable cuisines.  For a more insightful research, check out our restaurant Guide. 

Winter: Fondue with a View” at Crystal Hut

fondue with a view

Drive your snowmobile across the forested snowy trails of Blackcomb all the way up to 6000 feet where you’ll discover the lovely charming Crystal Hut, for an unique proposal experience. You will be pampered by chefs local interpretation of a traditional candle-lit fondue dinner accompanied by fine wine, followed by fresh baked fruit pie served hot from wood fired oven. From this rustic little chalet, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding Coastal Mountains and the twinkling lights of Whistler Village. Your evening will be complete with live entertainment featuring local musicians. You can organize with the musicians your own special moment.

4. Proposing to a nature lover: “Bride on board”!


You will never go wrong for choosing Whistler and its surroundings to propose to your nature-loving partner.
Explore the beauty of Sea to Sky via Rocky Mountaineer! Whistler Sea to Sky Climb Train provides a stunning view of Whistler’s ocean, waterfalls, and mountains at a leisurely pace. The classic coach service comes with meals (breakfast in the morning and snacks in the afternoon). Meal time can be a good excuse to take a break from sightseeing and for you to pop the question.

Winter: Snowshoeing is a great way to explore Whistler’s wilderness at your own pace and at your own privacy. Walking along the snowy trails with views of the snow-covered trees and mountains create a romantic ambiance for you to pop the question. and of course, to kneel down in the snow 🙂
Here’s a piece of wise advice: watch out for the ring! You don’t want to lose it in the snowy trail.

5. Proposing to a hopeless romantic


The thing with Whistler is that it’s just so generous… It has countless happenings and spots to choose from and plenty of romantic places to explore.

Summer: Make the most of the beautiful season to camp out in the mountains. For your proposal, it would be great to choose the remote wilderness camping. While you lay down under the stars at night, you pop the question and give her the ring. How’s that for a proposal? 

Or what about a helicopter tour? Having that amazing view from the top makes a great scene for popping the question. The mountain top also serves a great place to have that celebratory lunch after she’ll say ‘yes.’

Winter: If you are after a classy and noble experience, go for a majestic sleigh-ride! It’s a perfect romantic setting..and the stats say the bride is likely to say YES! Still one of the most popular proposal ideas in Whistler, we learn about new YES sleigh-rides every season!


There’s really no right or wrong way to propose. But doing it in Whistler way adds a special touch to it and good vibes that will be forever remembered by your partner.

Good luck! Let us know which one of the proposal ideas worked for you!  if you need help with designing & assembling your proposal trip, call our Enjoy Whistler friendly desk at 1 888 882 8858 and let us be your accomplice.