Wet and Wild Whistler City-Break

Rafting-Elaho-mainIt’s said that when we behold the river it only appears to be the same constant flow yet is of course continuously and constantly changing – at the same rate as we are as we encounter the surge of flow and water’s energy. Life is change. Water teaches us this. There is an incredibly therapeutic effect that comes from water and rejuvenates and purifies our mind body and soul. Being mostly composed of water, the human form responds favorably to water, whether it be the inspirational breakthroughs and epiphanies that occur just from being near a lovely body of water, soaking in salt baths, or just drinking good H20. And when you’re seeking a recharge and a break from the city, water itself is a prime motivator and reenergizer of essence. So when you know it’s time for a change, when life gets dry and you know it’s time for a break, head up to Whistler for the Wet & Wild City-Break and get hydrated on a multidimensional scale of benefits. Reconnect with your wild side where the true you lives; outside of societal restrictions and constraints and tapped into the true vibrancy of the good life.

The nice thing about a water-based getaway during the midweek is that you can experience all the best of a wet and wild Whistler exercise in balance and bliss – while enjoying the big savings that come from a midweek City-Break Getaway. So when you’re looking for something extraordinary, something that changes up the pace and provides that alternative outlook you’ve been seeking, come up to Whistler for a genuine opportunity to reconnect with that most healing of elements.

When you get involved in the Wet & Wild City-Break, you’re experiencing the harmony and ease of life that comes from a pre-planned itinerary. While there can be a lot to gain from a vacation that is unplanned and wide open to adventure, just going with the flow, it can be an excellent way to experience the best of Whistler when you have a set plan. At least several well thought out and perfected activities to work your freedom around, still in that perfect flow state. And not only that, but when you come up on a package vacation you’re receiving the bounty of savings that come from packaging up with Enjoy Whistler. So when you’re in need of that sweet sweet rejuvenation that comes from a refreshing experience focused on the theme of healing waters, may as well make it with our City-Break package and get right vibed up.


  • When you want to get wet and wild in Whistler, may as well stay at a hotel with an excellent pool. There are a few great pools in town to choose from, including the Pan Pacific Mountainside with its slopeside outdoor pool from which you can watch the mountain bikers or skiers, and the Four Seasons with a gorgeous freeform outdoor pool with excellent deck service, for example. Another awesome choice would be to rent a condo with private hot tub or one of the hot tub suites at Sundial.
  • Wake up to a hot shower and a glass of orange juice and and a coffee, feeling hydrated and ready to take on the day with your choice of water-based activity. Choose between a whitewater rafting trip down the Elaho River, charging down exhilarating currents on one of three tours of varying degrees of extremeness through spectacular old growth forests and mountain scenery; or a more laid back canoe or kayak or paddleboard tour through the lakes and waterways of Whistler, paddling along the ponds and rivers and feeling part of it all.
  • Return to the village for a floatation therapy session at West Coast Float. Here you’ll enter a sensory deprivation tank, or isolation pod, and experience total bliss as you relax, visualize, and create. Go deep into nothingness as external stimuli and energies is screened out and your body and mind get a chance to restore your natural powers of self-regulation, achieving a deep state of relaxation and harmony. Exit the pod feeling restored and rejuvenated, able to fully appreciate the richness of life.
  • Use the night to make your own definition of ‘wet and wild’ perhaps involving a stop at the Belevedere Iceroom in the Bearfoot Bistro, offering the coldest vodka tasting room in the world. Start there and see where the night takes you.
  • The next day you’ll probably be up for a dip at the Scandinave Spa, especially if you get wild the night before. Experiencing the therapeutic outdoor hot baths will cleanse your essence, especially with the invigorating hydrotherapy session involving alternating hot and cold water.

The aforementioned is more of a guide than anything but you can do this itinerary and save money when you package up or you can customize your own water package if you have something more specific in mind. Either way, you’ll take advantage of the midweek discounted rates for accommodation and all the activities. For more information on exactly how much you’ll save and to reserve your customized package, please call our destination experts today at 1-888-882-8858.