Whistler Beer Festival: Good Friends, Good Spirits, and Good Times

After you’re done exploring the majestic mountains of Whistler with your friends in the summer, there’s nothing better than to sit down to a delicious glass of craft beer…ice cold of course! There’s just something about a crisp glass of beer that really ties together your whole Whistler experience.

However, if you’re on the lookout for a more exciting beer drinking experience, make sure that you’re in Whistler Village from September 16 to 20, where you can take part in the annual Whistler Village Beer Festival! This amazing festival celebrates beer and those who love drinking it, and this is definitely an experience that you and your buddies will be talking about for years to come!

The Whistler Beer Festival boasts a number of events for the true beer enthusiast over the course of the 5-day celebration, such as craft beer tastings, seminars from the top beer master brewers around the world, and special beer pairing dinners so that you’ll learn how to pair your favorite kinds of beers to make the most amazing meals. You will get the chance to taste more than 200 different kinds of beers from over 80 breweries around the world.

Whistler Beer Festival

What Else Can I Do During the Beer Festival?

Aside from enjoying your very own beer heaven, there are also loads of other activities that you can experience during your time in Whistler Village. Whistler is known for having some of the most beautiful golf courses in British Columbia, and beer just tastes a lot better after you’ve played an a great sound of golf with your buddies.

You can also try some of the summer activities found around Whistler. The Whistler summer scene is very popular with tourists, because there are so many different activities to do, such as fishing, horseback riding, enjoying Whistler’s many scenic lakes, and even taking a mountaintop gondola ride called the PEAK 2 PEAK Experience.

beer fest
Whistler Beer Festival

Where can I Stay During the Festival?

Of course, one of the biggest headaches at the Whistler Beer Festival is finding suitable accommodations near the venue so that you won’t need to worry about getting back and forth to the event. The official partner hotel of the Whistler Beer Festival is the Westin Resort and Spa, which is a great hotel if you’re looking for comfortable lodgings, as well as a top-notch spa to relax in. The Westin Resort offers spacious, comfortable rooms that are great for families, or couples who are looking for some time to themselves.

If you cannot get accommodations at the Westin, the Whistler Beer Festival also has other partner hotels, such as Coast Suites, Crystal Lodge, and Pan Pacific, to name a few. Chances are, you will be able to find the right accommodations that’s most suited for your needs and your budget.

Whistler Village Beer Festival
Whistler Beer Festival

Where can I Get Tickets for the Festival?

Here’s the thing: the Whistler Beer Festival is pretty popular, and tickets get sold out pretty fast. If you’re looking to go to the festival, make sure to book your tickets as soon as possible! You can purchase your tickets online, directly from the Whistler Tourism website at http://www.whistler.com/events/whistler-village-beer-festival/.