Whistler Children’s Festival

Whistler Childrens Festival
The 32nd Annual Whistler Children’s Festival brought to you by the Whistler Art Council is on its way.  Are you ready for the biggest event of the summer, that your children have been anxiously waiting for?  Get ready for a summer-weekend adventure July 10-12, 2015 in the heart of Whistler Village – the Whistler Olympic Plaza. Bring the whole family and have a blast on this fun packed weekend!
Whistler Children’s Festival is a weekend of imagination come to life for your children, enhancing their creativity and talents through lots of practical workshops, live musical and dance performances by local artists coming together, arts and crafts facilitated by artists from around British Columbia, acrobatics and plenty of fantastic activities your children will definitely never forget. Come and See the Whistler Olympic Plaza transformed into a place of wonderland with colors, tents, balloons, stages, music and happiness. This annual event is specialized for children of all ages. Professional Artists, Performers and Instructors have gathered themselves together to produce a magical event exclusively for the Whistler Children’s Festival. This festival  focuses more on the arts, thereby allowing children to discover the artist within them and also provides the venue for them to display their works with pride. This is the perfect time for your children to experience what their hands can do. Your children will love Whistler Children’s Festival.

Event kicks off with the Kick-Off Party that starts at 5:00 pm with free activities like Cheese Box Photo Booth,  why not start the event with a photo to remember using the costumes and props and then Face Painting to get your children have imaginations fired up.
Have fun with the roving characters like the Bubble Mania clown a as he makes little and big bubbles to chase and pop, Jazz the Balloon Man giving free crazy balloons in different forms your children can imagine from, or watch Toni Smith as she entertains you world class Hula Hoop performances at the Hula Hoop Interaction, The Ruffle Red Bird, Peter G-G, as he serenades you with his guit-a-lele, suggest any song from children’s songs, ballads to rock and roll. And the Circus Fungus prepared to put a smile on your face with their funny colorful performances. Join Ira for a Dance Party with fun and games at the main stage to officially start the event and highlight of the first day.
Whistler Art Council has prepared different art workshops situated on different tents you can choose from, free and paid for different age levels from toddler to intermediate.


If you have a toddler
and you are really wondering if there is an suitable workshop for them, you bet, at the Love Child Organics’ toddler town, it is the best place your toddlers can burn up their energy. Plenty of activities are prepared for them, hands-on activities, puzzles, games,  anything to keep them busy, they have it there.
For ages 3-5 years, you have the Garden Art Workshop , inspiring them through the famous impressionist paintings to inspire them into painting their own impressionist painting using their fingers and their own unique style. You can also attend to the African Stories workshop, higher energy is really needed for this workshop for your children will become the different animals they can find in the African jungle. You can also make your own funny creative shakers at the Shaggy Shaker workshop and make music.

For ages 6 to 8 up, most of the workshops are focused on Arts and Craft like Dream Catchers workshop, Beading Bonanza so you can make your own beaded jewelries, Soapstone Carving, Mosaic Madness Workshop and create your own unique mosaic using ceramic tiles, mirrors, and wood and the finale would be with Ira and his friends as they prepared a new show where you can sing and dance for the last time before going back home.


So much in store for every child and the child at heart at the Whistler Children’s Festival. A perfect venue for your kids to learn and be amazed and for you to relive your own childhood. So, what are you waiting for? Book now for this weekend with our friendly Enjoy Whistler team and find Neverland!