Whistler Farmer’s Market: A Summer of Life and Color

If you find yourself in Whistler from the end of June until mid-October, then you’re yourself in the perfect place to experience something truly authentic and unique: the Whistler Farmer’s Market. Every Saturday and Sunday from June 18 until October 9, you can visit the Whistler Farmer’s Market and take part of an genuine experience that celebrates the passion for life of the locals in Whistler.

When you visit the Farmer’s Market, you won’t find yourself at a lack of things to explore. The Farmer’s Market is  an impressive showcase of the talented locals, ranging from farmers, to bakers, to artists and craftsmen, so make sure that you don’t have anything on your schedule when you visit the Whistler Farmer’s Market. Chances are, you’ll be spending your whole day there!

What to do: keep exploring..

Of course, the first thing that you should do when you visit Whistler Farmer’s Market is to browse! There are so many things to see, do, hear, experience, and eat, that you should resist the temptation of diving into the first stall that you see. Take the time to look around and see what all the stalls have to offer; you’ll be glad that you did!


You will see stalls filled with fresh, local produce, as well as stalls with food and beverages prepared by local bakers, chefs, and restaurateurs. You will also see stalls with arts and crafts from local painters and craftsmen. If you love fresh, local ingredients at an affordable price, or having a food trip with your friends, or visiting weekend markets for a great bargain, plan a weekend trip to the Whistler Farmer’s Market.



However, it’s not only food and arts and crafts that one can find at the Farmer’s Market. For families who love to have weekend activities together, there’s the amazing Family Adventure Zone where parents can run around with their kids and play mini-golf, ride the Westcoaster slide, or fly high with the Kiss the Sky Bungy Trampoline. For parents who want to experience the Farmer’s Market without worrying about their kids, they can drop off their kids at the Farmer’s Market Childcare Program.


 What to see

Whistler Farmer’s Market is also home to performances and presentations! Locals bands usually perform during the Farmer’s Market, so if you love shopping and listening to music at the same time, this is a great place to do your weekend shopping and unwind.. There are also live cooking demonstrations, if you want to brush up on your cooking skills.


Where to stay

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.. just one visit to the Whistler Farmer’s Market, and you might just find that all your weekends until mid-October has been filled up! Take part of this great celebration of the life, talent, and passion for quality that Whistler locals have.