Whistler’s Best Family Hikes

While Whistler is world-famous for its world class skiing, there comes a time every year where even the snow starts to melt. However, there are plenty ways to get out and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the iconic village. Whistler is an amazing destination for the whole family, a magical family playground.  On your family vacation this year, make sure to take the kids out for a healthy hike, to get a different perspective of Whistler and its surroundings. Here are some of Whistler’s best Family hikes:

Kid friendly hikes in Whistler

Whistler Train Wreck

Distance: 5km
Elevation: Flat hike
Time: 1-3 hours
Trailhead: Behind Olive’s Community Market in Function Junction, south of Whistler Village.

The Whistler Train Wreck Hike is a classic amongst the curious minds who want to step back in time to the 1950s. This hike takes you through five kilometers of flat trail, which winds through the trees to a site where you will find something entirely strange to see in a forest: derailed train cars.

train wreck

From a crash in 1956, where three boxcars of lumber jammed into a rock cut, the seven rail cars are a rare exotic sight: graffiti-ed and plopped in the woods by the Valleau family, – who owned a large logging operation in the area at the time – the cars did no damage to the surrounding trees. You can even climb on top of one of the cars! This is a unique hike that is rich in history and entertainment for you and the family! For more information on the story of the train wreck check out this article in Whistler’s newspaper, the Question.

Whistler’s best family hikes: Parkhurst Ghost Town

whistler best family hikes

Distance: 5km
Elevation: A few hills
Time: 1-3 hours

Trailhead: Small parking area past Whistler Paintball across from a yellow gate with a “Sea to Sky Trail”, walk along train tracks to find trail sign: “Greenlake Loop/Parkhurst”.

Another exotic and unusual family hike full of local history around Whistler is the Parkhurst Ghost Town trail hike. Winding through the woods to a stunning vista, the trail traces the history of Parkhurst, an old logging town from the 1920s that functioned as such until it was abandoned in the 1960s. At every turn, there is some piece of history to explore: an old wooden store, a disintegrating truck, a car slowly becoming one with the forest. The town, perched on a ridge overlooking Green Lake, is a unique facet of this easy trail, and provides endless topics of conversation and fascination.

Blackcomb Mountain

whistler's best family hikes
photo: Mike Crane

Distance: 1.6km
Elevation: No steep sections
Time: 1 hour

Trailhead: Take the gondola up from Whistler Village up Whistler Mountain, and then the Peak 2 Peak gondola to Blackcomb Mountain. Trail starts and ends at the Rendezvous Lodge.

Dotted with spectacular views and alpine ecosystem storyboards, the Alpine Walk Loop Trail is an excellent option for a quick, easy hike with high reward. A gentle walking route with no steep climbs or descents, the Alpine Loop vistas overlook the Fitzsimmons Valley, and cross over boulder fields, and traverse through the alpine tree line. A look in the distance will reveal Whistler Mountain and its legendary ski runs. The trail offers beginner hikers and families an excellent opportunity to see a wide range of views without exerting too much effort. Keep your eyes peeled for little gopher-like creatures called marmots while on this trail!

Whistler’s Best Family Hikes: Cheakamus Lake

whistler's best family hikes
photo: Mike Crane


Distance: 3km
Elevation: Minimal elevation gain
Time: 1-2 hours one way

Trailhead: South of Whistler Village, left at stoplights at Function Junction, left before the bridge and 8km up a dirt road to the trailhead.

A straightforward and enjoyable hike, the Cheakamus Lake Trail has almost no elevation gain through old growth forest to the lake. The flora along the path will catch your attention with this excellent spring, so pay attention to the lush moss, skunk cabbage, and large Devil’s Club leaves lining the trail. If desired, this trail meanders for 4km north after the lake, which passes several beaches, which invite the weary hiker to soak in the sun for a bit while taking in the stunning scenery of Garibaldi Park. This trail, with minimal elevation and excellent views, is a must when hiking with the fam.

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