The beautiful kid friendly parks in Whistler parks await you all for an unparalleled adventure designed and prepared not only for the little ones, but also for grown-ups, and of course, for your family furry member. Fuel up your kids’ excitement as you discover what lies along the Valley Trail by pedaling your way around the inspiring trails for cycling or strolling only. You can bring your own bikes or rent out for each one of you. Here are the most family friendly parks in Whistler.

Meadow Park

It is the place to be. It is located behind the Meadow Park Sport Center along the banks of the River of Golden Dreams. This place gives you magnificent views of the Mt. Whistler and Mt. Blackcomb. This might be your children’s favorite place. It has a large playground where your kids can run and play to their hearts content. They can spend their energies on these play facilities, swings, sand pits, and they surely wouldn’t miss the Squirters in the water park, yes, it’s a wet and wild experience.

Whistler Olympic Plaza

Your kids will also have a wonderful time in the village playground, famous for its Tangled Tree Playground . It has the innovative-seriously fun play structure great & safe for the little ones too . So different from the usual playgrounds you have always seen back in your place. Imagine a playground made of trees entangling. FUN! This is a unique place your kids will never forget.

Alpha Lake Park

It is located on the Creekside, area along the Alpha lake. Some kids may have never seen what a wooden playhouse looks like, this is the best place for your kids to experience the popular “Owl’s Nest” playhouse. A must see and go inside for kids. Makes you wish you were younger. Not only your kids get to enjoy the park, a park inside the park is the Alpa Park for your loyal 4 legged companion, a place for them to be unleashed at all times, just a reminder though, please check some areas around Alpha Park where dogs are still restricted.

Lakeside Park

This popular park located in Alta Vista Subdivision along the Alta Lake. Get your kids ready to navigate the waters on a Canoe or Kayak and paddle with a sense of adventure. This may be the first water sport adventure for your kids they will surely never forget. This is a place your family should never miss. Ready those limbs and paddle up and prepare to get wet. Bring those binoculars and cameras and save those sweet memories.

Rainbow Park

If you should decide to see the sunrise, Rainbow park is where you should go. Perfect place for your kids to experience wonderful scenery. When the light of the sun starts to shine, it reflects on the waters of Alta lake, waters begins to glow, and the trees seems to begin waking up. Such a very spectacular view! You would think that the waters light up, but its just nature’s way of welcoming you in this paradise.

Lost Lake Park

Lost Lake park is probably one of the most kid friendly parks in Whistler. Your kids can spend the whole day touring the different lost lake trails that will entice them towards the lush forest and around the lake. Different trails to choose from these Kids-friendly trail names: Donkey Puncher, Gypsy Drum, Hooktender, Molly Hogan, Siwash trail, The Nature trail,Tin Pants, Tommy Moore. Perfect place for them to meet new friends and just a reminder kids, always keep right when walking along the trail. And wait, there’s more, lots of fish in the lake, Fishing is very popular in this place, so daddies, if you have been wanting to go fishing with your sons to spend quality time with them, Lost lake park is the place for you. The last but not the least, there is the Canine Cove for your doggies to be unleashed along a sandy beach. Yes, this place is packed with so much excitement.

Whistler is undoubtedly a place to build beautiful memories. Be inspired by mother nature and get to the place she wants you to be. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, Whistler is always welcoming you and offers you probably the most kid friendly holiday you have ever had.