Whistler Brainstorm City-Break

Brilliant ideas stem from creative environments. When the office becomes the hurdle between your team and productive brainstorming, a dramatic change of scenery can often result in a quantum leap. With its expansive and abundant setting, Whistler is the perfect place to stimulate ideas and become inspired. There’s just something special about the magical Coast Mountain town that facilitates genius and top-notch brainstorming. Here at the end of the Sea to Sky Highway, excellent times await. After all, ideas flow more freely when folks are having fun.

In the right place at the right time: this is the mind-unlocking power of Whistler. When the same old chair and the same old desk just aren’t producing the creative content you’re seeking, make a change and step outside the box. Come up to Whistler with your colleagues and coworkers to liberate the brain from its routine and summon that million-dollar idea.

As time is a valuable commodity these days, it’s crucial to spend it wisely. Luckily the Brainstorm City-Break is just that: a blue chip investment that will pay off big through revitalization and inspiration. Its midweek timing means more peace and fewer distractions – as well as great overall discount for the entire trip. So take a couple days off midweek and come nurture your mind with a vivid adventure to kick-start your creative juices. It’s more than just a destination: come enter the Whistler state of mind.

Sample Itinerary:

Take your team up to Hilton for a vivid experience in pampering and rejuvenation. This luxurious haven is the perfect space to inspire brilliance, with palatial accommodation and amenities that are the epitome of rejuvenation and relaxation. Rendezvous for dinner at Cinnamon Bear Grille for a culinary adventure then select your favorite wine from the generous Menu, to go. Don your thinking caps and slip into the outdoor heated oasis pool for a proper Socratic Questioning session and manifest the brainstorm! Sip your wine and take in the panoramic views of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains under the stars as you let your minds go soaring in the moonlight.

The next morning take your team on an Off-Road Adventure, in either ATVs or Jeeps, to provide the adrenaline you need to refresh your brain and help attract those new ideas. Choose a tour that takes you high up into the alpine for incredible 360-degree views (as you find your thoughts likewise elevating), or venture deep into the coastal rainforest to visit hidden valleys, remote lakes, and surging waterfalls. Remind yourself to pause every now and then: inhale, exhale, and commune with nature. Be present.

In the evening do the villages stroll at your newfound leisurely pace. There are many superb restaurants and pubs to choose from, but maybe head towards the Bearfoot Bistro for a unique and exciting culinary experience. Sabre your own bottle of champagne and head down to the Belvedere Ice Room. It’s the world’s coldest vodka tasting room with over fifty vodkas from around the world, a visit to which is known for loosening up the shoulders and inspiring the brainstorm.

The following day is a much-deserved bliss-out: immersing yourself in the therapeutic and healing vibes of Scandinave Spa. Come sit beneath the waterfalls for a genuine hydrotherapy session at Whistler’s top health spa and breathe in that invigorating mountain air (half-price during weekdays). Go ahead: let yourself BE. And observe your ideas flowing like the water.

If you’re down for an extra day, a glacier hike could be another welcome experience to help reframe your perspective and realign the angle of your thoughts. Outfitted with boots, crampons, ice axe, harness and rope, your guide will lead you onto the glacier’s snow and ice atop Whistler Mountain. Take in a BBQ at the 6,000-foot summit as you soak up the mind-blowing alpine vistas. You just may be surprised by both the clarity of mind and quality of insight that comes to you.

As you can imagine, with such an abundance of natural beauty, divine food, vibrant wilderness, spa pampering, red wine flow, and your team all working together – you’re sure to generate The Big Idea. Then return back to the city with a fresh take on life: fully recharged and reenergized a veritable magnet to attract even more brilliance.

Take advantage of the midweek discounted rates for accommodation (and most of the activities) and book your Whistler City-Break at up to half off its regular price!

Enjoy it!

Starting from $608.00* (per person per night (based on 3 nights, 4 activities - minimum 2 Adults))
*All rates, availability and tours are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed until fully confirmed.

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