Whistler Bucket List City-Break

Do you ever find yourself trapped in an inescapable flurry of routine? One in which you work so hard yet with nothing much to show for your efforts? What are your goals for next six months (or six years)? Consider what you want to accomplish and what you want to experience before you kick that proverbially bucket. Actually make a list of all the things you want to do before you die – and start working towards them. Start really living.

As it turns out, midweek Whistler is the perfect time and place to scratch a few items off that bucket list. If you’re not able to take a few days off work, we suggest you call in sick in order to take advantage of the greatest rates possible during the midweek. After all, life may be short and unpredictable but you my friend have a bucket list of adventures to experience and goals to accomplish. You have monumental memories to make, which will last at least a lifetime.

Let’s start with a premium hotel experience that should definitely be on your bucket list: the luxurious Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort. Combining classic elegance and a modern alpine setting, this award-winning hotel showcases exceptional dining, full resort amenities, unsurpassed guest service, the blissful Vida Spa and the legendary Fairmont Gold Club. That all sounds well and good but it’s true: the Fairmont is a must-experience on par with the likes of Paris, Rome or New York City. And it’s the perfect home-base for your upcoming adventure.

You may have always thought that bungee jumping would be a piece of cake, yet despite your self-proclaimed adrenaline endurance you’ve postponed it for many years. You now come to the realization that you’re no longer eighteen and your threshold for adrenaline has changed dramatically as the ol’ self-preservation effect takes hold. Shoot, you may even be afflicted with a full-on acrophobia! Well then, all the more reason to face your fears with a giant leap of faith. Be bold and go soaring off that bridge, hundreds of feet above the river, and find yourself experiencing an exhilaration that will make you feel like anything is possible.

While there aren’t many elephants to ride in Whistler, you can definitely go horseback riding to commune directly with nature in the unique style that only horses can facilitate. Create an unforgettable memory, one full of tenderness and affection and power, as you and your mare explore the Whistler wilderness together. Choose the full-day Birkenhead Ride & Explore and venture up to some of the most beautiful sub-alpine backcountry that you will ever see. Trotting along with the big majestic beast between your legs past Birkenhead Lake, Fowl River Waterfall and Sun God Mountain, you feel alive. You feel connected. You feel free.

There’s one thing to travel by planes, trains or automobiles, and quite another to fly by helicopter. It’s a thrilling rush not unlike a roller coaster to buzz above the mountains in a wobbly little chopper. Leave the valley behind and fly deep into the pristine and rugged landscape that gives these Coast Mountains their sublime character. Start your day with a scenic trip over Rainbow Glacier before landing at Beverly Lake for a delicious backcountry picnic. Or for the golfers, go Heli Golfing: your pilot caddying you up to an exclusive driving range a mile atop Mt Currie then transporting you back down to ground for 18-holes. This is getting naturally high at its finest.

By the end of your midweek Whistler City-Break you’ve crossed off at least four wishes on your bucket list, maybe even more. That’s one solid session of incredibly rewarding life material to take home as experience and process into wisdom. Return to the city triumphant, revitalized and ready for anything. That’s it, now you’re really living. Talk about successful sick days.

So come take advantage of the midweek discounted rates for accommodation (and most of the activities) and book your City-Break at up to half off its regular price!

Starting from $1,180.00* (per person (based on 3 nights, 3 activities - minimum 2 Adults))
*All rates, availability and tours are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed until fully confirmed. *heli tours require minimum 4 passengers

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