Whistler Wet & Wild City-Break

Being mostly made of water, it’s no big surprise just how therapeutic and healing H2O can be to our bodies and our minds. Of course it’s important to drink two liters of water every day, but it also exerts a powerful effect just being in and around its hydrating goodness. There is something so purifying and balancing about water: you feel calm just walking along Alta Lake and inspirational ideas seem to strike as water splashes upon your skin. Water is the stuff of life, and this package is perfect for appreciating it while being refreshed on a hot summer day.

You know it’s time for a break: the Whistler weather is vibrant and its wilderness is just beckoning you to come explore. Maybe you’re looking at the ocean wishing you could cannonball in if only you had the courage; and your bubble baths are great but frankly they’re getting kind of dull. Well reward yourself with a change of scenery and venture up to Whistler to be nurtured and treated well. If you’re feeling too dry in the city, come dive into an immersive midweek City-Break and get yourself both wet and wild in this package held in reverence to the wonders of water.

Sample Itinerary:

Since you’re on a proper water vacation, it’s only right that you stay at the hotel with the best pool in Whistler. As it turns out there are two at the top spot: Pan Pacific Mountainside with an outdoor pool and hot tubs to watch the mountain bike riders finish their runs (great rates during the midweek).

Release all the stresses and worries of work and city life and everything and just bliss out at Scandinave Spa. Revitalize your body and soul with a dip in their therapeutic outdoor hot baths. Cleanse your entire essence under the waterfalls at Whistler’s top health spa and breathe in the invigorating country air. Treat yourself to a genuine hydrotherapy session and experience the difference that good water makes.

Wake up to a good breakfast, hot shower, and refreshing morning beverage then head out for an epic day of whitewater rafting. Choose between three different tours according to your experience and adrenaline requirements. Choose the most badass tour and find yourself charging down 18km of pretty hardcore whitewater through some of the most spectacular scenery in BC: the Elaho Valley is unspoiled wilderness with old growth forests, hanging glaciers, cascading waterfalls and two mighty class IV rivers for you to conquer. Of course you could always pick a smoother one perfect for both young and old and experience the same joy at a calmer pace.

Hit the water again on your next day, only a bit more laid back this go round. Embark on your choice of guided Canoe or Kayak tour and navigate through Whistler’s lakes and waterways as your guide points out places of interest along the way and provides an insight into the unique ecosystem. Or maybe you’d like to try a Stand-Up Paddleboard. It’s fun, takes only a bit of balance, and there you are: standing up proud and connected with the nature’s beauty.

Last day immerse yourself into an unique H20 experience: New to Whistler, Floatation Therapy is taking the world by storm, as you float the water of an isolate pod and screen out all external stressors creating a pure state of sensory relaxation. Under these unique conditions, your body has a chance to restore its natural powers of self-regulation, while you simply lie back and rediscover the pleasure of a deeply relaxed mind. Floating allows you to relieve pain, stress, and sleep deprivation as you relax, visualize & create.

That’s all about water for now!

You can also customize your own water package if you have something more specific in mind. Take advantage of the midweek discounted rates for accommodation and all the activities, and book your City-Break up to half off its regular price!

Starting from $532.00* (per person (based on 3 nights, 4 activities - minimum 2 Adults))
*All rates, availability and tours are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed until fully confirmed.

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