Young And Restless City-Break

Whistler might not seem like the most affordable destination for everyone, especially when you’re in your twenties. While winters can become quite expensive getaways, midweek summertime is a whole other story. As it turns out, a City-Break vacation is cheaper than you think. So come experience the wonders of Whistler in the off-season, where not only are the prices better but the weather is a lot nicer too – and there is just so much to do outdoors.

No worries about spending hundreds of dollars to go skiing just for a day: in the summer there are plenty of activities for free. Bring your bike up, go for hikes, swim in the lakes. Take advantage of cheap midweek deals and do something cool. Go on an adventure. Schedule a trek up during a festival. Be bold and get outside your comfort zone. You’ll be happy you did.

Sample Itinerary:

Stay at Crystal Lodge located just in the heart of Whistler, just a short 3 minute walk to the Whistler and Blackcomb mountain lifts, surrounded by shops and restaurants including several on-site. It’s quite affordable and many of the rooms come with kitchenettes (also better rates during the midweek). Plus there is a solid outdoor pool and hot tub to soak it up and congratulate yourself on successfully doing Whistler on its greatest deals.

While many restaurants can take their toll on your wallet, it’s nice to know there are still places to eat that are highly affordable. Come down to el Furniture Warehouse where every meal on the menu is only $4.95. As you can imagine, this is a popular hangout for the snowboarders and backpackers and foreigners working in Whistler – so the atmosphere is usually pumpin’. Another way to do it on the cheap is to hit up Nester’s Market for groceries and whip something up in your kitchenette. Or just grab a slice of pizza or a bowl of poutine at Zog’s.

With the money you save from not going in the winter or on the weekend you can indulge in some of those brilliant outdoor wilderness activities that Whistler is so famous for. Go mountain biking in either the downhill park or the seemingly endless trails through the surrounding hills; go ATVing; go on a Ziptrek; or go bungee jumping. All these activities are discounted during the midweek so it’d frankly be rude of you not to, I mean since you’re here anyway.

Or if you’re really looking to spend as little as possible, there are plenty of free activities to do as well. GO HIKING! There is an absurd amount of awesome free hikes to be discovered all around Whistler of varying degrees of intensity. Check out big waterfalls and breathtaking vistas and trek through the natural cathedrals of the old-growth forests. Head down to the beach. People watch. There’s usually free events going on so check your calendar and go have some fun.

When the sun sets its time to party and Whistler nightlife is almost as famous as the skiing and snowboarding – for good reason. You’ll find world-famous DJs pumping up crowds and a vibrant live music scene bringing in new artists every week. You’ll find beautiful party animals everywhere, shaking their groove thing and getting wild. The glow-in-the dark realm of Moe Joe’s (beneath Tapley’s Pub) has an awesome dance-floor and Graf’s is the perfect place to bust moves for hours. Every day is a reason to celebrate in Whistler so come grab a drink (or six) with your friends.

You can also customize your own package if you have something more specific in mind. Take advantage of the midweek discounted rates for accommodation and all the activities, and book your City-Break at half off its regular price! For more information and to reserve your customized package, please call our destination experts today at 1-888-882-8858.

Enjoy it!

Starting from $351.00* (per person (based on 3 nights, 4 activities - minimum 2 Adults))
*All rates, availability and tours are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed until fully confirmed.

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