Whistler Restaurants Guide

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Restaurant Menu Style Location Price
Mongolie Grill Asian 4295 Blackcomb Way Low $
Celadon Korean Cuisine Asian 4293 Mountain Square #300 Low $
Red Dragon Chinese Eatery Chinese 4369 Main Street Low $
Golf Leaf Chinese Food Chinese 4330 Northlands Blvd Low $
Après Restaurant European 4338 Main Street Mid $$
Bavaria Restaurant European 4369 Main Street Mid $$
Bear Foot Bistro I French 4121 Whistler Way High $$$
Kapriaki Norte Greek 4122 Village Green Low $
Opa! Greek 4330 Northlands Blvd Low $
Tandoori Grill Indian 4368 Main Street Mid $$
Il Caminetto di Umberto Italian 4242 Village Stroll High $$$
Old Spaghetti Factory Italian 4154 Village Green Low $
Trattoria di Umberto Italian 4417 Sundial Place High $$$
Quattro I Italian 4319 Main Street Mid $$
Nagomi Sushi Japanese 4557 Blackcomb Way (Le Chamois Hotel) Low $
Sachi Sushi Japanese 4359 Main Street #106 High $$$
Sushi Village Japanese 4272 Mountain Square Mid $$
Teppan Village Steak House Japanese 4293 Mountain Square #301 High $$$
Caramba! Restaurante Mediterranean 4314 Main Street Mid $$
Dups Burritos Mexican 4368 Main Street #114 Low $
BBQ Bob’s Mexican Creekside Low $
Hy’s Steakhouse I Steak & Seafood 4308 Main Street High $$$
Keg Steakhouse I Steak & Seafood 4429 Sundial Place Mid $$
Monk’s Grill Steak House Steak & Seafood 4555 Blackcomb Way Mid $$
Rim Rock Cafe I Steak & Seafood 2117 Whistler Road High $$$
Black’s Pub Pub/Bistro/Grill 4270 Mountain Square Mid $$
Cinnamon Bear Bar & Grille I Pub/Bistro/Grill 4050 Whistler Way Mid $$
Citta’s Bistro I Pub/Bistro/Grill 4217 Village Stroll Low $
Dubh Linn Gate Old Irish Pub Pub/Bistro/Grill 4320 Sundial Crescent #170 Mid $$
Dusty’s Bar & BBQ I Pub/Bistro/Grill 2040 London Lane Low $
Fifty Two 80 Bistro and Bar Pub/Bistro/Grill 4591 Blackcomb Way (Inside the Four Seasons) High $$$
Garibaldi Lift Co. Bar & Grill I Pub/Bistro/Grill 2320 London Lane Low $
Palmer’s Gallery & Grill Pub/Bistro/Grill 4010 Whistler Way (Whistler Golf Club) Mid $$
Ric’s Grill Pub/Bistro/Grill 4154 Village Green Mid $$
The Brew House at Whistler I Pub/Bistro/Grill 4355 Blackcomb Way Mid $$
The Cure Lounge & Patio Pub/Bistro/Grill 2131 Lake Placid Road (Nita Lake Lodge) High $$$
Araxi Restaurant + Bar I West Coast 4222 Village Square High $$$
Aubergine Grille West Coast 4090 Whistler Way High $$$
Christine’s I West Coast 4545 Blackcomb Way Mid $$
Earl’s Restaurant West Coast 4295 Blackcomb Way Mid $$
Edgewater Restaurant I West Coast 8020 Alpine Way High $$$
La Bocca West Coast 4232 Village Stroll Mid $$
La Rua Restaurante I West Coast 4557 Whistler Way High $$$
Sidecut I West Coast 4591 Blackcomb Way (Inside the Four Seasons) High $$$
White Spot West Coast 4005 Whistler Way (Beside the Aava Hotel) Low $
Wildflower Restaurant I West Coast 4599 Chateau Blvd High $$$

Whether you’re a genuine foodie, a self-proclaimed gourmet connoisseur, or just your regular dude or dudette who loves good tastes, Whistler restaurants feature a wide range of premium culinary experiences. From fine dining to casual and a wide range of international dining, the charming Coast Mountain town is a veritable wonderland of excellent restaurants serving up dishes that you simply must try for yourself. So come indulge in the finer things in life and immerse yourself in a culinary adventure for the senses.

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